Lip Blush Course

course lip blush

In this course you will learn from Tony and her team and the most important aspects of what you need to start making your career as a Lip Blush expert. It is not easy, but with practice and the right guidance you can do it.


Lip Blush is a semi-permanent makeup technique that’s been trending for it’s beautiful finish. The lip blush enhances the shape and color of clients lips and intensifies confidence. It leaves beautifull rather than take it away and adds a stunning sparkle to their smiles.

Through this course you will need to provide two of your own models and we will provide our assitance to guide you through the process.


We are characterized by patience, having previous knowledge or no knowledge at all does not matter, all the knowledge you acquire will be given and assured to be guided through with our services. We will get started in learning and improving your techniques.


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