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Can you imagine not having to make up your eyebrows for more than a year? Well, this is what you will get with «microblading»

What is Microblading?

✨ It is a semi-permanent pigmentation technique with natural results.

✨ It is an ideal treatment for people with sparsely populated eyebrows or who have lost hair over the years, or as a result of some disease or medical treatment.

💫 Microblading will allow you to both shape and fill the eyebrow in those points where it is necessary, without great damage to the skin and with a finish that goes completely unnoticed.

🌟 The secret is the «hair by hair» technique, which allows a more precise and personalized application of the line, obtaining a very natural result.

And what are you waiting for to give your eyebrows a striking, beautiful and natural touch?🌟

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Microblading (fisrt visit)
Touch Up (fills are scheduled 4-8 weeks after your first visit)
Microblading (fisrt visit)

Why Tony Beauty Brows?

With more than 20 years of experience in the area of beauty and aesthetics and more than 7 thousand clients, we can assure you a personalized result, adapted to your face and with eyebrows specially designed for you.

At Tony's Beauty Brows we have the trained staff to deepen your beauty

Microblading is it for you

This method is ideal for clients who want to naturally enhance the look of their eyebrows. People suffering from alopecia, those who have over plucked, or who have sparse eyebrow hair growth can benefit greatly from microblading.

✨ With the microblading technique, a more natural look is achieved as it aims to simulate hair strokes rather than a full shaded or block effect

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