Eyebrows are the Most Important Facial Feature


Microblading, one of the Greatest Brow Techniques

Microblading seems like magic.
We can create natural-looking brows that work with your face perfectly.


Meet Tony

I want my client’s brows to look flawless.

Tony Rendon
Tony RendonFounder And Microblading Artist

My story began at age 16 when I went to a beauty contest. For many years in my youth, I dedicated myself to modeling. During that time, I took several makeup classes. I was not allowed to bring a make-up artist with me to those events, so I had to prepare myself to do my own professional make-up. At this point, my passion for the beauty industry made me stop modeling to unleash my true potential and help other ladies build their confidence. In 1999, I became a certified esthetician.

As of now, God has blessed me with a beautiful marriage and two beautiful daughters. I dedicate my life to my family and my job. Being a Microblading Artist is very satisfying. Seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they see their new natural brows for the first time is just delighful. Besides being a certified and licensed Microblading artist, I also have Microblading workshops where I train students to become Microblading artists. I like to help  others reach their goals, just like I reached mine. Microblading is my passion, and I truly believe it could be yours too!

Microblading can be the Solution to your brows.